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Record review: Kyü, Kyü

In Kyü lies a band with infinite potential to become one of the most exciting and interesting experimental bands on the scene.
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Flashback: The Jesus & Mary Chain, Darklands (1987)

This seminal Scottish band’s second record recalls dozens of pleasant memories for me; everything from riding the train in the rain with April Skies blasting in my ears, to sitting in my bedroom on a humid afternoon listening to Deep One Perfect Morning. Continue reading

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Track-by-track: Mark Ronson & The Business International, Record Collection

Mark Ronson has forsaken his beloved horns for the keyboard, but he’s lost none of his soul, rallying a cred-heavy list of collaborators both new and old.

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Interview: Richard Ashcroft

I wouldn’t usually attach a foreword to an interview but this one is particularly special to me. I grew up listening to The Verve and Ashcroft’s music has soundtracked many important moments in my life. I found him to be humble, … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Blur

I’m a fan of six degrees of separation, but even moreso of the full circle style of separation. It’s a small musical world and I’m out to prove it. In this case it’s my favourite band, Blur.

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The records that stick with you

Today I was asked by one of my friends to do one of those Facebook notes that ask you to restrictively list your favourites. In this case it was fifteen albums I’ve heard that will always stick with me. I … Continue reading

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Record review: Menomena, Mines

Menomena aren’t afraid to experiment. Their soundscapes encompass innumerable instruments and they mess with tempos and melodies in a way that should produce noise and not much else. Yet, they have proven with their latest record Mines, that they are … Continue reading

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