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Record review: Warpaint, The Fool

Warpaint exude California in every possible way. Their music is a dreamy, sweeping haze of guitars and female vocals, careening through a soundscape of harmonies to send the listener to a place where the sun shines golden and palm trees … Continue reading

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Interview: Kyü

Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison of Kyü talk band comps, tardises and nice shoes before their first national tour. Despite being friends and aware that both wanted to be musicians, Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison never thought to collaborate. The … Continue reading

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Gig review: Boredoms, Metro Theatre, 11/10/2010

When the main act is a Japanese noise band that’s been kicking around for 20 odd years, the task of finding the perfect support band can’t be easy. Yet Holy Balm proved to be the perfect opening for the Monday … Continue reading

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Record review: Antony & The Johnsons, Swanlights

2009’s The Crying Light saw Antony Hegarty stripping away the layers for an excruciatingly haunting and intimate record, but in this year’s Swanlights the English born singer brings sweeping orchestras to aurally overwhelm and invigorate listeners.

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Flashback: Bright Eyes, Letting Off The Happiness (1998)

Letting Off The Happiness is gloriously shambolic, sonically courageous and lyrically stunning. The fact that it was created by a teenager is a mere footnote.
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Record review: Hurts, Happiness

If you’re not a fan of pop music, don’t even glance at Hurts. The impeccable pop ethos they adhere to will burn holes in your eyes and ears. Continue reading

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Interview: Midnight Juggernauts

…I remember I jumped into the crowd and my drum was in front of me and it went straight into my face and it cut up above my eye so I was just bleeding from on top of my eye down all over my face and I didn’t even know. My friend Chris from the Bumblebeez was there and he was like ‘Dude you’re fucking bleeding all over your face’, and you don’t even know because you’re so swept up in the moment you don’t feel the pain. Yeah that happened. Continue reading

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