Full Circle: Blur

Blur at Hyde Park, my poor camera skills

I’m a fan of six degrees of separation, but even moreso of the full circle style of separation. It’s a small musical world and I’m out to prove it. In this case it’s my favourite band, Blur.

Britpop legends Blur released Think Tank, their last record, in 2003. It had the distinct touch of frontman Damon Albarn all over it, with a world music presence that he would later blend into his own project, Gorillaz.

This year’s genre-defying Plastic Beach saw Albarn create a band of musicians to match the animated one, recruiting not one but two members of The Clash, one of whom was Mick Jones. Though Jones is best known as the guitarist and occasional singer for the aforementioned legendary punks, he had his fair share of bands post-Clash, one of which was Carbon/Silicon.

The band recently became involved with the NME’s Love Music Hate Racism campaign, including being featured on a free NME compilation for the cause. Also to be found on this mix was Babyshambles with Stone Me – What A Life! Not that he needs an introduction, but Pete Doherty is frontman for the barely existent Babyshambles. When he isn’t reuniting The Libertines, chasing models or drugs and serving time for the latter, he’s a solo artist.

Last year Doherty released the surprisingly beautiful Grace/Wastelands, which featured none other than Graham Coxon on guitar on nearly every song.

And for the completely uneducated, Coxon was the guitarist for Blur.

Small world.

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  1. Daniel Crichton-Rouse says:


    This reminds me of something similar I did a while back – although mine’s less tight: http://sauvignonblog.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/111/


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