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Record review: Beady Eye, Different Gear, Still Speeding

It’s finally happened. Liam Gallagher has completed the transition from hopeless John Lennon aspirer to Beatles tribute act. We might never have been exposed to this if he’d just kept his mouth shut about Noel’s girlfriend, but here it is, … Continue reading

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30 Day Song Challenge: a song you want to play at your wedding

Oasis aren’t exactly renowned for lyrical gravitas; these are the men who wrote the record Be Here Now, but there is something intangibly romantic about Live Forever without hitting the sappy Ronan Keating level of wedding songs that seem to … Continue reading

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The records that stick with you

Today I was asked by one of my friends to do one of those Facebook notes that ask you to restrictively list your favourites. In this case it was fifteen albums I’ve heard that will always stick with me. I … Continue reading

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