Friday Find: Whipped Cream Chargers

whipped cream chargers

Here’s what you need to know about Whipped Cream Chargers: they’re from Sydney and they’re really good.

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Interview: Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs returned with a bang when they announced their ‘create your own album’ idea. Bassist Simon Rix explains why his band want you to make their album for them.


On May 27 two words appeared on Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson’s Twitter: “We’re back”, with a link to a brand new song, Little Shocks. After nearly three years of silence, the band announced not only a new album, but twenty new songs and a unique way in which fans could get involved.

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Record review: The Horrors, Skying


We’ve had psychobilly Horrors, introspective krautrock Horrors, now we have the bombast – the Screamadelica by way of Simple Minds record.

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Interview: The Laurels

Noise purveyors The Laurels are launching their debut EP after a five year wait. Guitarist and vocalist Piers Cornelius talks of the sometimes hard road to Mesozoic.

The myth of The Laurels’ EP is a well-known tale in the Sydney scene. Renowned for their astounding live shows that attack audiences with wall-to-wall sound, the four piece formed five-odd years ago. They’ve since played shows in nearly every venue across our city and supported heroes such as Swervedriver and Low, but whispers of a record have lead to nothing until now with their debut EP Mesozoic. Though fans may have been waiting impatiently, there’s a solid reason behind the delay.

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Gig review: WU LYF, Sydney Opera House, 30/5/2011


When’s the last time you were genuinely excited about a band? That they lived up to the hype and blew you out of the water after all the cryptic online clues, NME speculation and mystery. I approached WU LYF’s show with the same trepidation that many would; after all, it is still up in the air as to whether they’re a cleverly concocted marketing strategy or the real deal. Truth be told, I don’t care if the songs are good. And they are.

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Interview: Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan is in her house by the sea in sunny Brighton when she gets on the phone with me. It’s been two years since her last release as Bat For Lashes, but that’s not to say she’s been kicking back lazily since 2009’s Two Suns.


“I’ve been doing lots of stuff I suppose,” she muses. “I’m recording at the moment, writing and recording the new album. I tried to keep myself occupied by doing a whole bunch of stuff just straight after Two Suns, because I think after you’ve just finished a record, you can’t start straight away on something else.

I got busy working on some art projects and drawings and installation ideas and I worked with some contemporary ballet dancers doing dance stuff and improvisation and I’ve been doing a bit of gardening and working at the local school with some of the kids, reading with them, and all the meanwhile writing songs which are gradually building up, and actually just in the last few weeks and months started to come together in some sort of shape so now it feels like I’m out of the woods and holding onto something tangible.”

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Gig review: The Dandy Warhols, Enmore Theatre, 29/5/2011

All Dandys shows should come with a disclaimer: choose your own ending. Pick whether you want to leave on the ultimate high, or the unfortunate, outstayed the welcome but saved it with the last song high.

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