Record review: Richard In Your Mind, Sun


There’s a moment when listening to Sun that a visualization emerges; you’re lying in the middle of the forest, the sun is peeking through the canopy and there’s a calm stillness to every fibre oscillating in the air. It’s somewhere in Dimensions, which five tracks into the record ensures you’ve been fully entranced by Richard In Your Mind and their hypnotic psych-folk pop.

The vocals are ever present but never at the forefront. In New Morning the harmonies form an ethereal film across the gauzy melody, layered with a relaxed drum beat and swirling guitars.  Occasionally the band self-punctures this cloud of ebulliently downbeat song making with a sharp harmonica or an ambient post-rock guitar riff, namely on the downbeat Tear Filled Ocean.

The title track is itself a slow burn tune that turns the ambiguous sounds of wind into distant sirens, before a rare synth sneaks into the tune and an almost militaristic percussive rhythm begins to hold court. 60s pop standards come to mind on Where Did You Go, but this record is nothing if not a cornucopia of sounds; Maybe When The Sun Comes Down’s melodious electric strum is reminiscent of 90s alt-rock, but the moment vocals begin playing out, the vibe switches to a 70s love-in. A note that the addition of Kyu’s Alyx Dennison as a vocalist on many tracks makes for a sweetly blended voice that charts both the falsetto and baritone.

Sun is contemplative psychedelic music that makes you want to escape our concrete playground and go running through the woods, preferably with RIYM playing in your ears.

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