Record review: The Horrors, Skying


We’ve had psychobilly Horrors, introspective krautrock Horrors, now we have the bombast – the Screamadelica by way of Simple Minds record.

The Horrors continue to exceed expectations with a record that is as complex in its instrumentation as it is broad, as they throw in a previously unexplored realm of horns to their repertoire and turn the synths up over the guitars. Yet the brooding darkness of frontman Faris Badwan, that makes for the quintessential Horrors experience, remains at the forefront.

Changing The Rain is a swaying affair to sink yourself into, before You Said’s rippling melody and Badwan’s baritone drags you to the surface. There’s still the throbbing pulse of their past lives in the jangly, almost 60s pop of I Can See Through You with Badwan’s cutting lyrics hang in the air as the subtle guitar strum of Endless Blue washes in, saxophones not far off.

The undeniable highlight comes in Still Life, it’s slowburn dueling guitars giving way to a gloriously 80s synth line, married to a subtle bass and percussion. As Badwan sings ‘Don’t hurry, give it time/ things are the way they have to be,’  ease sets in and the song blends together magnificently. The Sea Within A Sea of this record, and another Horrors opus. Psychedelic influences permeate Wild Eyed and the 8 minutes of Moving Further Away leave the listener deeply entranced. Monica Gems is a crashing rock song, Badwan’s howl becoming one with Joshua Hayward’s screeching guitar.

Skying is an unassuming record, never forcing itself upon the listener but leaving its indelible traces subconsciously.

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