30 Day Song Challenge: a song that you want to play at your funeral


To all the respectful traditionalists who will be playing Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah at their funeral, you can have it. I’m gonna go down the way I lived, two fingers flicking the V and Pete Doherty slurring over my grave. And I’m betting my family and friends could arrange for him to perform live for a low fee depending on what side of the court system he was on at the time. This is all based around the assumption that Doherty lives longer than me, which factoring in age and lifestyle choices, would be fairly devastating. Especially if I die of natural causes.
Anyway, the point is I choose Fuck Forever because that’s the message I want going when I die. We’re not immortal, we all have to die some day, so fuck forever. This theory does require you to ignore the actual lyrics and just take in the two words of the chorus.

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