30 Day Song Challenge: a song that you listen to when you’re sad


Recently a friend and I were trying to outdo each other with sadsack stories involving listening to Foals’ Spanish Sahara and indulging in the melancholic. He beat me, because he listened to this song whilst doped up on morphine in the hospital after being rushed there for an emergency procedure, the only sign of a problem having been him suddenly falling ill at work. One invasive surgical procedure later… well I can’t compete with that.

I think back to the first time I listened to this song, and it was 2am, lying in bed, watching the video on my computer and getting that nice insomniac buzz one gets when you’re tired and riding on little sleep. Spanish Sahara can make me feel so inexplicably sad, so very lost, and at the same time, it’s infinitely comforting. As it swells into the cacophonic climax, it raises my spirits with it. I’ve cried to this song, I’ve used it to calm my temper and I’ve had it soundtrack some dim moments.

Some people listen to happy songs to stop feeling sad, I prefer listening to sad songs that sound like how I feel.

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