30 Day Song Challenge: a song that you wish you heard on the radio


I don’t listen to the radio very often anymore, so I don’t know what sort of music is popular. Half of the time I’m surprised that anyone in this country knows who Justin Bieber is. When I do listen to the radio it’s mostly community stations, and despite their supposed stance of playing music that the other stations won’t support, they’re all fairly gentrified too.

In the case of this song, frankly it’d be great to hear any Menomena on the radio. They barely get airplay on youth or community radio, despite being a consistently inventive band that are creating genuinely unique and often bizarre music that somehow squeezes into the experimental pop genre.

I chose Weird because after seeing them live, I realised it was the song that gets the biggest reaction. Justin Harris’ cut-throat lyrics send a tingle through your body, and the seemingly lawless time signatures they play by make it an intensely interesting listen. It’s a revenge song so sweetly delivered, you can sense the passive agressiveness a mile off.

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