30 Day Song Challenge: a song that you used to love but now hate


MIA ruined this song for me. I love The Clash, they opened my eyes to music in a way I hadn’t considered before them. But when MIA sampled the opening of Straight To Hell in Paper Planes, it became the catch cry of drunk idiots in nightclubs making ‘pew pew’ gunshots into the sky and lost any association it had with the politically charged lyricism of Joe Strummer and co.

Everytime I hear that refrain, all I hear is ‘bang bang bang, and take your money’. RUINED.

NB.: The Clash’s London Calling has also been ruined thanks to every film montage of an American tourist in a double decker bus going across London Bridge, and everyone who posts an album of photos onto Facebook from their inane UK adventures with the genuinely ironic title of ‘London Calling.’

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