30 Day Song Challenge: a song that you know all the words to

Arctic Monkeys

I know that Arctic Monkeys don’t craft opuses but damn it, every song on their first record, Whatever I Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, was addictive. I’m mostly just really proud that I know all the words to this song, the lyrics are fast paced and coated with a thick Sheffield accent.

The song itself is good fun, a stream of consciousness account of a night out with all of its inane intricacies. Guys starting a fight in a taxi cab queue, bartering for a cab in the middle of the night, eyeing off a prospective partner in a bar only to watch them get snatched away by a taller, better looking person.

The ‘red light’ in question is something that I realised exists in the UK but not over here – when you get into the cab, the doors lock and a red light is switched on. So the driver controls your exit, and presumably stops the jumpers. Like Turner and his friends in this song.

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