Record review: Seekae, +Dome


The highly anticipated sophomore effort from Seekae opens with a twisting guitar riff, cameos from bass and a sparse percussive beat on Go. It sets the scene for +Dome, a record that is inherently dance but subconsciously beat driven, determinedly electronic but basely instrumental.

Where their debut The Sound Of Trees Falling On People sounded introspective, +Dome takes leaps to sound bolder and denser; there’s the incorporation of chopped up vocals on Blood Bank that give off a distinct Four Tet vibe, ethereal but sinisterly edged. Mingus’ staccato back beat allows for sounds to swim around its core, with an almost genderless voice exulting over the top. Every track is beautifully textured, twitches and turns appear in unexpected moments to move the soundscapes into constant new terrain. For a record that makes you feel like time has slowed, it moves incredibly fast in its build from soft to loud, introduction to climax.

The real charm of +Dome is that you begin to forget you’re listening to an electronic record. There’s no calculation and it’s this that makes it an intriguing listen time after time. It’s only when you hit a song like Gnor with its syncopated drum beat and synth scat that you notice the skill with which these three gents from Sydney have utilised their electronic toys. Then the vocals reappear on the title track, as eerily captivating as before, this time matched to the occasional metallic twang and a melancholic melody.

Seekae have gone above and beyond with +Dome, a record for people who love experimental electronic noises in all of their unexpectedly complex ways.

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