30 Day Song Challenge: A song that makes you happy

we are scientists

There has never been a We Are Scientists video I have seen or interview I have listened to that hasn’t brought a smile to my face. They don’t take themselves too seriously, they make no-muss no-fuss indie music, and did you see the picture at the start of this post? Kittens people! And that image is from 2006, so you know it was before the whole cats on album covers phase currently doing the rounds.

The Great Escape makes me happy for odd reasons; firstly the video is fantastic, especially especially when they break out into synchronised dance. Secondly, the chorus to this song used to be my go-to song, as in I would sing it to everyone and anyone when I felt like it. Thus most of my friends know this song through me and no other association. Finally, every time I hear a WAS song, I think back to their live performances, the hilarious stage banter, the overall vibe of pure fun. It might not be high art, but it’s damn catchy.

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