30 Day Song Challenge: Your Least Favourite Song


I used to really like Muse. I mean a solid, deep affection that resulted in me standing metres away from them in the BDO 2007 mosh, singing along like a deranged maniac. Not even the whipping lacerations of the long dreads from the dude in front of me could strangle my enthusiasm. But now… now I’d rather stab myself in the spleen than listen to the overindulgent wank they purvey, including this song.

Let’s ignore the truly disturbing Twilight association, a combination that is setting up puberty-stricken fourteen year olds for poor music choices and unstable relationships with mysteriously creepy dudes. This song has dug up the corpse of Freddie Mercury, slung it on a piano with strings attached and tried to make the puppet dance. Now with added guitar trickery!

Matt Bellamy is a talented musician, genuinely gifted with guitar and piano, but somehow this Devon born band have gone so frighteningly wrong that it hurts the ears to listen. What the fuck is this song about? Why has the universe become such an inspiration to Muse’s lyrics? When will they understand that they’re three skinny white guys from the UK and not rock gods? So many questions.

You know it’s bad if I contemplate listening to The Darkness over this. And that’s why it’s my least favourite song. In this case, by a band I used to love.

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One Response to 30 Day Song Challenge: Your Least Favourite Song

  1. noturbidnuss says:

    if you got something better lets hear it

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