30 Day Song Challenge: Your Favourite Song

John Frusciante

There’s a brainwave going around at the moment with the 30 Day Song Challenge. Each day I’ll attempt to post a song related to the category of the day. Failure is imminent due to my poor work ethic, but it can’t hurt to try.

Putting aside the fact that choosing a favourite song is ridiculously difficult, I know deep down in my gut that I can’t imagine my life without this song. I can’t picture never having heard John Frusciante‘s music, period. His voice is familiar but always exciting, his lyrics intimate but with the hint of ambiguity that make them relatable to every listener, and the music – he’s a master guitarist but never over ebullient in solos or overpowering riffing, everything has its place in his music.

Ricky has one of my favourite lyrics ever written. It’s the last line in the song and it leaves you with that twinge of remorse, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. A restless moment in the seeming optimism of this song.

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