Gig review: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Enmore Theatre, 11/3/2011

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson @ Enmore Theatre. Pic: Sevana Ohandjanian

Mark Ronson, the UK producer who seems to be the Madonna of male artists, transforming with each album, and his Business International – made up most notably of Spank Rock, MNDR, Rose Elinor Dougall and Alex Greenwald – was so damn cool he could’ve substituted for the air-conditioning that was sorely amiss in the Enmore.

Inspiring a sweaty, messy dance throwdown from the moment he stepped on stage, he brought an electronic spectacle to the sold-out venue. Standing atop a lit platform, his peroxide hair flopping about as he danced and sang along to his own music, he presided over his cohorts without stealing the spotlight.

Ronson’s back catalogue is extraordinary; Ooh Wee took us back to the beginning with its hip hop beat and catchy refrain and Record Collection was showcased in almost entirety, with You Gave Me Nothing seeing Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt stepping toe to toe with a coquettish Dougall, all shivers and shakes as she seduced audience, before the song morphed into Stop Me.

Versions had its own outing with Just, earning feverish cheers as Greenwald stepped up to the mic. An intensely charismatic performer, he splayed himself all over the stage, sang from the front barrier and cried out with baritone joy. When he cautiously asked the audience if he could play one of his own songs, the unassuming were obviously surprised to hear Phantom Planet’s California, leading to a mass singalong, amusing both because of our geographic location and because it meant there were plenty The O.C. fans present.

An intermission saw the band leave the stage and Ronson announce that he wanted to create a NY rave scene, then proceeding to perform a DJ set melding everything from Depeche Mode to Jay Z and his own songs. The crowd was putty in his hand while he gave Spank Rock and MNDR fair time to showcase their solo skills.

The moment all had been waiting for came when Wyatt returned to the stage and the first piano notes of Somebody To Love Me rang out. The heartbreaking Boy George featuring number was delivered with infinite pathos and passion, leaving the crowd expecting more.

The encore saw a shy Ronson asking for kindness before singing solo for the first time on Record Collection – doing an excellent job as the audience shouted out the line ‘I wear Paco Rabanne like I was Charlie Sheen’ with tongue firmly in cheek – before the evening came to a climatic finale with pop gem Bang Bang Bang, which with its worm-like melody, ensured we’d all be singing Ronson tunes on the way home.

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