Gig review: Kyü, Paddington Uniting Church, 22/10/2010


The communal feeling struck up by watching bands in a church was warming on this Friday night and there couldn’t have been a more fitting band than Sydney duo Kyü to overtake such an atmospheric venue.

Opener Oscar & Martin turned out to be just Oscar, and he struggled through a short set without his counterpart. He appeared genuinely nervous but put on a brave face through technical difficulties and having to perform all parts of their songs. Excuses aside, the music has great potential that surely will be realised when the duo perform together; electronic with hip-hop beats thumping in the room, the pews along the walls were vibrating from its intensity.

The theatrics kicked off with Kyü as a 24 person strong choir including Jonathan Boulet, entered from behind the altar dressed in black with red paint smeared across their faces and formed a singing wall behind the duo’s equipment. Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison mysteriously appeared to take their stage in long, flowing dresses that heightened the overwhelming sense of importance to their LP launch evening.

The duo performed impeccably, their voices crisp and perfectly pitched for the wails and shrieks that make up their electronic by way of classical music. Utilising everything from synths to drums and the church piano, the threateningly haunting sounds of Sistar boomed around the space and immediately entranced their audience.

The sold out crowd sat cross-legged on the floor as the duo performed a rousing piano duet, exchanged mischievous glances while slamming drums and sung unknown sounds and languages. Kyü’s beauty lies in the exchange of voices between Berkhout and Dennison, and they picked up after one another without a breath in between lines. The church’s acoustics lent itself to their music, and added an intangible mood of calm to the ambience.

The choir fortified the focus on vocals as the female and male voices harmonised, creating a veritable wall of sound that enriched the soundscape and provided spectacle concurrently. Sunny In Splodges saw Dennison’s voice soar alone, joined by glockenspiel and Berkhout, soon swallowed wonderfully by their pummelling drums.

As the set drew to a close and rapturous applause along with a standing ovation took over, it felt as if time had stood still but simultaneously flown by far too fast.

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One Response to Gig review: Kyü, Paddington Uniting Church, 22/10/2010

  1. john grahame says:

    a truly wonderful experience – a sting of perfect moments

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